About helpfulcalculators.com

Does the Internet really need another calculator site?

When it comes to calculators like these, yes it does!

At www.helpfulcalculators.com all calculators use graphs or charts to visually display the examined information. This helps to make otherwise difficult concepts intuitive, aiding in education and retention.

For instance, Joe is 10 and learning about compound interest for the first time. Just seeing the numbers that result from saving at $10 a month at 5% interest for twenty years might be impressive, but isn't the best way to present the concept.

Let Joe play with the compound interest calculator here and the exponential growth of the interest component is presented graphically, clearly, and will help Joe to truly understand the idea of compound interest.

Why does this site require javascript?

The calculations are all made on the browser side in javascript. The charts and graphs are rendered using Google Charts, which itself depends on javascript.

A server side version of the calculations and rendering via Google Image Charts may be provided in the future.